Editing Services


Proofreading is done on the final draft of a manuscript and includes correction of spelling, grammar, and minor sentence structure issues. It is the last check for errors before sending a manuscript off to the publishers.
$0.005 per word

Light to Medium Copyediting

A light to medium copyedit will provide correction in the following areas:
Spelling, grammar, and punctuation; capitalization and numbers; hyphen use; lists of items; table of contents; formatting issues; content and style; clarity and word usage; and fact-checking.
$0.007 per word

Heavy Copyediting

In addition to the tasks of proofreading and light to medium copyediting, heavy copyediting will correct these problems:
Redundancies; wordiness, triteness; vague generalizations; weak sentence style; organizational weakness; and lack of focus.
I will point out problem areas and help you refine your vision, bringing your manuscript to a more polished and perfect state.
$0.009 per word

Professional Beta Reading

Not sure what kind of editing your book needs? Need some feedback on your work-in-progress? I'll read your manuscript, make notes in the margins of specific areas that need attention, and provide a thorough critique to help improve your work.
$80 for up to 80,000 words

Do you have a need not listed here? Please contact me to see if I can help you.


**PayPal fees are calculated and added to the final bill.**

All style decisions will be made according to the Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition, unless otherwise requested by the author.

**Sometimes a book is estimated to need one level of editing but is later discovered to need something more substantial. If I think your manuscript needs more work than I was contracted for, I will contact you as soon as possible so we can renegotiate the terms of the edit.**

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