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My name is Cindy and I love words. I edit fiction and have a special love for fairy tales, science fiction/fantasy, historical fiction, and love stories. 

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"As a brand new writer, I'll admit that I found the steps after finishing my manuscript daunting--I was nervous to let anyone read it. It's hard to trust another person with something you've poured yourself into, but Cindy's enthusiasm put my mind at ease. Cindy is incredibly efficient; she finished my book and delivered her promised notes/feedback well ahead of schedule. Her feedback was thorough, actionable, and clear. Finally, Cindy is so kind. Her notes gave me the confidence to start sharing my book with others as I work through the process of publishing. Even after sending her evaluation, she happily answered my questions and provided clarification. If you are looking for an editor, look no further--Cindy is an excellent choice!"

Brianne Hepworth, author of Thinking About Forever


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