As a brand new writer, I'll admit that I found the steps after finishing my manuscript daunting--I was nervous to let anyone read it. It's hard to trust another person with something you've poured yourself into, but Cindy's enthusiasm put my mind at ease. Cindy is incredibly efficient; she finished my book and delivered her promised notes/feedback well ahead of schedule. Her feedback was thorough, actionable, and clear. Finally, Cindy is so kind. Her notes gave me the confidence to start sharing my book with others as I work through the process of publishing. Even after sending her evaluation, she happily answered my questions and provided clarification. If you are looking for an editor, look no further--Cindy is an excellent choice! 

Brianne Hepworth, Author of Thinking About Forever

Cindy is a wonderful editor to work with. She was always quick to respond to my questions and good to give me a heads up on the progress of her work. I found her notes very helpful and her feedback informative and useful. My experience has been very positive, and she is someone I will most definitely love to work with again!

Tesha Broderick, Author of Atarah's Wind   

I cannot say enough good things about Cindy with Good Tales Editing. Cindy was incredibly dedicated through the whole process of beta reading and copyediting my book, Some Kind of Hero. When she completed the beta read, she gave me so much advice on how to improve my story and how to develop my characters. Her advice was honest, thoughtful, and encouraging. Cindy was incredibly thorough and caught inconsistencies that I didn’t realize existed in addition to identifying ways to expound on details. 

Her editing process is professional, trustworthy, and so thorough. She didn’t miss a thing! I’m terrible with commas and some grammar, but not anymore thanks to Cindy. She and I both live in different states, over 1,000 miles away from each other, but she was easy to contact and was prompt with responses/emails. 

She really made me feel like my book was her priority and she took the time to individualize all of the work she completed. Her prices are reasonable and fair. She was the best person for the job, and she did not disappoint.   

Kathryn Stuckey, Author of Some Kind of Hero


Starting out as a writer, it's hard to find people to trust with your work and money. I trust Cindy Jewkes. Cindy's professional eye for detail gave my novel, The Bug Boys, the final polish it needed before publication. I'm working on the next book in the series now, and look forward to working with Cindy again.

Stewart Hoffman, Author of The Bug Boys, and The Bug Boys VS Professor Blake Blackhart 


Cindy is one of the fortunate few to be in the editorial elite. Her abilities to comprehend and correct are amazing. She caught many issues other professional editors missed. Her edits are clear, easy to understand, and done in a timely manner. As a writer, it's exciting to find someone of her caliber. It's priceless knowing the incredible quality after Cindy fine-tooth combs my work. I look forward to working with Cindy again and again.

Mitchel Street, Author of Prophase, A Present Tale


Cindy's insights were extremely helpful in making some needed changes on my work in progress. She gave a clear, concise analysis, then suggested changes that would improve the reader's experience. Having her sharp eyes on the project definitely helped identify errors in content, punctuation, etc.

Susan Sands, Author of Again, Alabama and Love, Alabama 


Cindy's eagle eyes caught several errors in what I thought was a perfect manuscript. Her edits resulted in a re-release of my novel "Miss?" because who wants mistakes in a book with your name on the cover? Not me! Cindy's services are reasonably priced, and the work she does for you will ensure you'll present your most polished product to the world. 

Laurel McHargue, Author of "Miss?" and Waterwight


Being a self-published author, I have found out about myself that I'm a terrible editor. In Dobyns Chronicles, I relied on Cindy to find my flaws. I found she did an excellent job, and I wouldn't hesitate to use her in another project.

Shirley McLain, Author of Dobyns Chronicles 


I adore Cindy's editing skills. When I asked her to review my novel CLARA, I was very surprised when she offered to fix a few typos and other problems that got missed during the editing process. She was very thorough, quick, and reasonably priced. When I get ready to publish my next novel, I'm definitely asking Cindy to give it a final looking over.

Suzanna Linton, Author of Clara and Clara's Return 


I have written award-winning fiction novels for the past 30 years. During that time, one of the biggest challenges has been to find a proof professional who not only does good work, but charges a reasonable fee. Cindy Jewkes is the best editor I have worked with; she is perfection.

Rolland Love, Author of Born Dead on a Winter's Night


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